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2 for $12: Soft Boiled Egg & Kale Bowl (All Organic!)

2 for $12: Soft Boiled Egg & Kale Bowl (All Organic!)

There is nothing as easy and delicious as a soft boiled egg. At first, it was hard for me to make a soft boiled egg but after a couple tries, I've mastered it, and I've got the full proof way to achieve that. Add the soft boiled eggs with a kale salad, radish and some cous cous and you have the fastest, easiest and healthiest #ME2for12 meal. Read along for the full recipe list! 


  • Chino Valley Organic Brown Eggs $4.99
  • Kale Organic (2) $3.10
  • Radish $1.80
  • Lime (2) $0.70
  • Israeli Whole Wheat Cous Cous 

Total: $10.59 for 4 small bowls or 2 big bowls 


  1. Make your cous cous! Add in some spices and cook, you can add in vegetable or chicken broth if you'd like! 
  2. Make your soft boiled eggs: Boil water, once water is boiled, slowly drop in the eggs, lightly. Put on a timer for 6 minutes. After 6 minutes, immediately take off of the fire and rinse with cold cold water or put in an ice bath. Peal and slice carefully! 
  3. Massage your kale with salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil and 1 lime. 
  4. Slice your radishes and get ready to assemble! Place your kale, cous cous, radish and eggs. Top with lime and sesame seeds and enjoy! It's that simple! 

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