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25 Delicious Bite-Size Treats made with Wonton and Egg Roll Wrappers

25 Delicious Bite-Size Treats made with Wonton and Egg Roll Wrappers

We'll leave your mouth watering with these 25 delicious bite-size treats made mainly with wonton wrappers and egg roll wrappers. Mmm... It's hard to resist cooking up some of these snacks, especially since most of them require very few ingredients. Take a look:

1. Loaded Mashed Potato Egg Rolls

Pair this with Thanksgiving leftovers and you’ve got yourself an amazing coupling.

2. Crunchy Taco Cups

You don’t need to wait for Tuesday to come with these cute and delicious taco cups!

3. Crispy S’mores Spring Rolls

Here’s a great alternative to the typical s’more that will be a hit at the bonfires!

4. Wonton Wrapper Mozzarella Sticks

That extra crispy crunch will complete your mozzarella cravings.

5. Spicy Firecracker Shrimp

Take your classic shrimp tempura recipe and add a kick to it!

6. Pizza Crack

These wrappers also make a delicious thin and crispy crust!

7. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Everything Egg Rolls

Serve these up with a glass of orange juice and you’ve got a delicious brunch.

8. Fried Cinnamon Apple Hand Pies

Ever want an apple pie that is not messy? These handheld bites are perfect for you, especially if you add some dipping sauces!

9. Caesar Salad Wonton Cups

This is the perfect appetizer for any get-together!

10. Mini Jalapeño Popper Egg Rolls

These are very simple to make and pack the same great flavors as the real thing!

11. Bacon Mac and Cheese Egg Rolls

Mac and cheese with every crispy bite, without a spoon!

12. Cannoli Cups

These cannoli cups will cheer almost anyone up!

13. Chicken Parmesan Wonton Cupcakes

These chicken filled cupcakes is a creative alternative to the sandwich.

14. Cheesecake Factory Avocado Egg Rolls

If you’re looking for a delicious appetizer, you’ve found one.

15. Parmesan Wonton Crackers

Throw these in the oven and serve with your choice of cheese or hummus for the perfect snack.

16. Wonton Wrapper Berry Pies

Once you try one of these, you’ll have to have another!

17. Pumpkin Pie Egg Rolls

If you are one of those people that always look forward to PSL season, look no further.

18. Mini Lasagna Cups

Put away the fork or spoon and eat this delicious lasagna with your hands!

19. Reuben Egg Rolls

This is another take on a classic sandwich. Pair this with some Russian dressing and you’ve got an amazing snack.

20. Mini Wonton Quiches

Take breakfast on the go with these quiches!

21. Baked Pizza Rolls

Homemade pizza rolls will taste a thousand times tastier than store-bought.

22. Pecan Pie Egg Rolls

Pair this with some ice cream on top and you’ve got a great sweet treat.

23. Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

If you’re looking for an appetizer that will blow everyone away, you’ve got it! Pair this with a creamy horseradish sauce and your friends will be amazed.

24. Cheesy Hot Dog Wontons

With only four ingredients, you can have both a unique and tasty snack!

25. Banana Egg Rolls

Add chocolate sauce; fall in love.


So... Which bite-sized wonton treat is your favorite?



I would like to have the recipes for many of these – no use to follow unless we can try some of them

Dec 21, 2018


It would be nice to be able to actually see the recipes!

Nov 30, 2018

Noreen Hiskey (

I don’t recall giving you permission to use my imagecropping out my copyright and without any due credit or linking back to my site. Please consider this a take down notice before I file a DCMA complaint for copyright infringement.

Sep 23, 2017

Dale Riesterer:

How do I access the above recipes? When I click on any of the pictures or titles I can’t access any recipe which there were many I would like to try.

Thank you,

Jul 20, 2017

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