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Watermelon Picnic Keg

Watermelon Picnic Keg

A watermelon keg will quickly become the center piece at your Memorial Day BBQ!

For the keg
1 Watermelon
Spigot (available at most hardware stores)
Large Bowl

Watermelon drink
1 quart watermelon juice
1 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup sugar
*alcohol to your taste /wink

Turn the melon on its side and carefully slice the bottom till it's a smooth flat surface that can sit level on a counter. Take care not to take off so much that you see pink you should only be cutting off rind otherwise you risk leakage from the bottom. You can bypass this step if you have something to stand the melon in.

Slice a lid off the top of the melon. Cut at an angle so that you can put the lid back.

Find where on the melon you want your spigot and roughly mark out the size of the hole. Use your Drill to carve it out, take breaks to check the size to your spigot. Once it's the right size twist in your spigot. My melon had a pretty thick rind so I didn't need the bolt for the back of the spigot.

Mix the lemon juice and sugar till sugar is dissolved. Pour everything into watermelon keg and enjoy.

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