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Magic Sleepy Dust

Magic Sleepy Dust

The inability to fall or stay asleep is deeply rooted in poor blood sugar regulation, which in turn can make your stress hormone level too high at night keeping you awake!


5 Tablespoons organic cane sugar (I like this kind as it’s not bleached or heavily refined, and is fair-trade)
1 Tablespoon sucanat/rapadura (this is completely unrefined sugar cane juice, with all minerals intact)
2 teaspoons real sea salt


Put the mixture in a baggie or a small container, and shake well. The sucanat has a tendency to separate from the rest, which is why you can’t use only sucanat and salt—the salt sinks to the bottom and doesn’t “stick” with the sucanat granules. But it does add a nice flavor, and a little boost of minerals, too! You can add more salt, if you can handle it. Matt recommends a 1:5 salt-to-sugar ratio, but I find that that’s too much salt for me. Experiment to see what works best for you.

To use it, just keep a small spoon nearby and scoop a tiny bit out, then let it dissolve under your tongue, to get it straight into your bloodstream. You really only need a small pinch. You can even just stuck a wet finger into the sleepy dust container and lick it off. Puts you back to sleep in no time!

Now, keep this handy by your bed where you can easily reach it in the middle of the night. You can use it before you go to bed to de-stress and get ready for sleep, and when you wake up in the night.



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